Tuesday, 19 June 2012

June 14 - London to Baltonsborough

After a night in London it was an early start to catch a train to Baltonsborough (Somerset) to meet for the first time, the staff from Date Palm Developments (DPD). We have had a close working relationship with DPD for a dozen years. They are world leaders in the tissue culturing of Date Palms and have more than 25 years experience, making them pioneers of this technology. They send plants all over the world which has made major expansion of the international date industry possible using superior genetics.   This photo: Staff at DPD
With enormous help from DPD we have managed to obtain and introduce new Date Palm genetics with which to further develop the Australian Date Industry. I have been very much looking forward to meeting Dr Avril Brackpool and staff plus seeing their nursery operations. This photo: Tubestock
Ready for dispatch
I had a fantastic day and learnt heaps. All the questions I had in regards to the processes DPD use to tissue culture and handle the sensitive nursery stock were answered. The staff provided me with demonstrations of their techniques. There are definitely improvements we can make in the way we are processing our Gurra Downs Australian stock. We had a very valuable exchange of information and ideas.


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    Dr. Tarek El-Tayeb