Tuesday, 19 June 2012

June 15 - Somerset

The morning was spent in the DPD nursery looking at plant health management. Later DPD staff accompanied me on a tour of local interesting producers. We visited The Somerset Distillery where we met owner Julian Temperley who has revived the tradition of distilling apple spirit. It is thought cider apples have been grown in this region for more than a thousand years. Julian's apple spirits are aged in oak barrels for up to 20 years and his product which includes a 42% alcohol brandy is internationally acclaimed.
Julian was generous with his time and gave us some very interesting background on his industry plus an extensive tasting of his range of apple based cider products.
We then went on to a winery specializing in fruit wines such as apricot, blackcurrant, nettle and ginger, gooseberry and elderflower to mention a few. This retail shop was buzzing with customers keen to purchase these surprising products. We met with vineyard manager Rob Corbett and went to look at a vineyard on the Lymelight range overlooking slopes, valleys and the sea.
Later we drove down to the Lyme Regis shorefront. This area of ruggard coast line is world heritage listed because of the incredible deposit of fossils which date back 185 million years to the Jurassic period.
Some of these fossils are in museums all over the world and there are several fossil shops set up in the town selling to tourists, private collectors etc.
The beach is stone and pebble - a very dramatic coastline with really old stone houses overlooking the view out over the harbour.
Another fantastic day!!!

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