Tuesday, 13 March 2012

March 12 - Pulses & Carbon credits

Today started with a tour of Simpson Seeds, a pulse processing plant specializing in Lentils. They process about 2500 tonne per week. This was a neat operation which took in raw lentils then graded and cleaned the grain. Some product is also split and sold all around the globe.
We then visited an ag risk solution business to hear about local crop insurance products. Also had a run down on the Canadian carbon credit scheme which is so very different from the Aussie model.
Farmers are paid a credit for the year they're in (in retrospect), based on a no till farming method. No locking up land for 99 years. Sounded simple and has wide spread support from farmers. Prices are based on the Chicago Stock Exchange and are currently about $17 / tonne. 
Then onto a large ag machinery manufacturer 'Brandt'. They make all kinds of machinery including augers, grain bins, etc. Items are shipped all over the world. Brandt has a very modern factory and is one of Canada’s largest businesses.
Overnighted in Moose Jaw.

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