Wednesday, 21 March 2012

March 18 - Yosemite National Park

After 34 days of travel, had our first full day off away from a hectic schedule. Decided to go sight seeing and skiing in the Californian snow at Yosemite National Park. I was very surprised to discover we were in snow country only 30 minutes drive from our hotel in Fresno.

Had 3 foot of snow fall overnight before we made the 2 hour drive to central Yosemite - so very difficult driving with icy, slippery roads through heavy snowfall. Needed to put chains on the rear tyres for traction.
Snow ploughs were going up and down the road. For us guys unfamiliar with snow, we certainly had an amazing experience. Driving through the alpine country of Yosemite is incredible - massive trees, mountains, waterfalls and running water is really spectacular.
We had so much fun with an all-in snowball fight. The other scholars went skiing but I opted out and just watched instead. Didn't want to risk breaking any bones!
Fantastic day! Back to our hotel for final night in California.
California was full of surprises for me. I guess I had a pre-conceived notion about good beaches and some agriculture. I didn't know how magnificent Yosemite National Park and ski resort would be, along with the Sierra mountains, coastal mountain ranges and the massive irrigation valley with such a wide variety of crop types. A very interesting and attractive landscape.
Farewell California!!
I'm looking forward to returning with Anita & Jonte when we travel south into date growing regions.

I'm happy to see a few more date palms even if they are for landscaping purposes!

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