Friday, 23 March 2012

March 22 - Mexico

Our schedule for the morning was to tour around some of the irrigated farms. 
We started with a visit of the major grain silos in Obregon. Here we learnt how they grade the truck loads of wheat and inspected the facility including the roof top view looking over the city of Obregon.
In this photo we are hearing about wheat receivals.

Here I am on top of a 35 metre silo overlooking Obregon.
 Overlooking Obregon
 Wheat silos
We then drove around looking at various crops including cereals, orange orchards and pecan nut plantations. The farm houses are very vibrant places with lots of different fruit trees and vegetables and quite often chickens, dogs cats and horses. Really interesting. Just about everywhere we went, we saw bougainvillea flowering.

Labourers picking vegetables
Orange orchard.
We are just about to head to the Obregon airport for a flight to Mexico City where we will spend a night and day before heading to Brazil. There have been major earth quakes in Mexico City during the past few days including a 7.3 which destroyed some 1000 houses. Just heard via local press that there have been another 4 more quakes so far today. Needless to say we are hoping for an uneventful stop over!


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