Saturday, 17 March 2012

March 15 - California

Toured with local Los Banos sheep producer to look at his flock of sheep. They had just finished grazing an organic almond orchard and were being droved to another orchard by shepherds and dogs.
The breed of dog is Maremma which is a guardian dog breed. The owner informed us he nolonger has coyote attacks since using these dogs.

Visited San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery. This is where military service men and women (mostly returned) are buried amongst tranquil surroundings.

Stopped for a look at San Luis Dam.

Had briefing and tour of Monterey Water Treatment and Water Recycling Facility. This is a world leading treatment plant which treats 21 million gallons of residential black/grey water per day. Once treated in this sophisticated processing plant, it is delivered to horticuluralists who use it to grow many crops - mainly strawberries, artichoke, tomatoes and celery. This waste water re-use is highly valued as the underground water resource has been over extracted. This facility also generates its own power through transforming methane gas and using solar panels.

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